Draft Pierce County Comprehensive Plan update is available for public review


A draft policy document intended to guide growth in unincorporated Pierce County over the next 20 years is now available for the public to review. The updated Pierce County Comprehensive Plan fulfills a state legislative requirement that is due by June 30, 2015. Pierce County must review its existing growth policies and update them if they don’t meet new state and regional requirements that have been established since the plan was last updated.

Major issues addressed

A number of topics are addressed through this update. Issues that may be of interest to the general public include:

  • Establishing new Agricultural Resource Lands designation criteria
  • Siting of schools in the rural area
  • Identifying rural commercial areas
  • Options for Accessory Dwelling Units in the rural area
  • Establishing criteria for adjusting the Urban Growth Area and the identifying potential annexation areas

The draft document and supporting information can be found at piercecountywa.org/realize2030.

A new look

The draft Comprehensive Plan has been reformatted in a way that makes it easier for a reader to understand the County’s position on growth topics. These changes, along with the ability to present the plan electronically, are also designed to provide citizens – in areas of unincorporated Pierce County covered by individualized Community Plans – a way to have a document that puts all of the information relevant to their community in one place.

Be involved

The public is invited to review and comment on the Draft Plan update through the public comment form, e-mail or letter. The public also has the opportunity to attend open houses and public hearings that are scheduled through the end of June, 2015. As they are scheduled, the public can view the list of opportunities for participating in this process on the County’s website, piercecountywa.org/realize2030 and can also sign up on the webpage to follow the update process on Facebook and Twitter.

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