Frederickson Meeting on transportation Mar 21


This is your friendly reminder about Saturday’s meeting. Bring your Frederickson transportation questions for the guest speaker. Hope to see you at 9 AM, @ Christ Christian Baptist Church, 8016 176th St. E.

The Guest Speaker for our March 21st meeting will be Letticia Neal, the Section Manager of Pierce County’s Transportation Improvement Department. She will speak about the intersection at Canyon Rd and 200th St. We have specifically asked about if any improvements will be made prior to the estimated 130 log trucks per day that are anticipated when the Sierra Pacific mill opens.

She will also let us know about any future plans to extend Canyon Rd. to the South. I have asked her to speak about the timetable for the construction of the missing section of 184th St. between 82nd & 86th Ave. That section is currently “out to bids”.

In addition, many of us see an abundance of survey stakes on 78th Ave at and around the 184th St. intersection. She will answer questions about these and any other transportation related items as time permits. We hope to see you there.

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