STP bicycle event brushed the edge of town July 10


The Seattle to Portland (STP) bicycle event took place Saturday. As every year around 10 am, I manage to meet hundreds of bicycles finding their way through Spanaway. This year, that was at Military Road and

Cars of friends and family awaited their cyclists at Spanaway Middle School

Pacific Avenue.

Mind you, I do like the event. I actually have several family members that have participated over the years. But almost every year, it seems like there is some kind of run in between some of the bicycles and a heavier vehicle in the community.

Sitting in the left turn lane on Pacific Avenue I watched a dozen bicycles cross the street after the light had changed, stalling my turn lane for at least half a minute of the 1.5 minute turn cycle. Many cyclists are good and follow the signals, but the few that didn’t, earned this dis-honorable mention.

Local people know how dangerous that intersection is. We also know that not everyone around Spanaway is running on caffeine from Starbucks. It was really stupid to run that light and there were many of you I saw on my 3 passes through that intersection today.

I promised right then to write about these folks. Promise kept. Cyclists like these are not helping the reputation of their overall group. Chill and be safe. We really don’t want to get into an accident with you.

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  1. Robin says:

    We drove to Tenino today and through McKenna and Yelm they were driving out into the street where we were driving and not looking or signaling They just dart out. It makes it very dangerous and very maddening.

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