Have you seen a Badger?

Reposted from Facebook post of Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

We want to know if you see a badger, whether dead or alive. WDFW is building its knowledge of badger locations and population stability in the state. To do so, we are seeking help from the public. If you see a live badger or find a dead one, please photograph its face and head and email the photos as well as the following:

• detailed information on the badger’s location (e.g., 3 miles south of Odessa, WA on Highway 21, or coordinates from a GPS), 11169220_10152889245406761_1049765776968478701_n
• the date you found it, and
• the observer’s name and phone number

Please send this information to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife at: badgers@dfw.wa.gov . Please contact Jeff Lewis at 360-902-2374 or Orrin Duvuvuei at 509-754-4624 ext 232 if you have questions, or if you can help us locate a dead badger for tissue sample and DNA analysis.

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