Removing Invasive Species from Spanaway Lake and Spanaway Creek

By Pierce County Surface Water Management

Throughout the month of August, a team from Puget SoundCorps worked with Pierce County Parks and Recreation and the Pierce Conservation District to help restore areas of Bresemann Forest and Spanaway Park.
Team members from Puget SoundCorps removed English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, Japanese knotweed and yellow flag iris from the areas. These invasive, non-natve plants are a threat to healthy forests, because they compete for water and nutrients, and in some cases, kill trees. Invasive species also clog waterways and reduce water flow in stream systems.
The Urban and Community Forestry Program is supported through grant funding and education awards provided by AmeriCorps and administered by the Washington Department of Ecology. To learn more about this program, go to
To learn more about how to manage invasive species on your property, contact the Pierce Conservation District.
Go to or call (253) 845-9770.


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