PLU Scandinavian Cultural Center Presents – Hypernative: Reconstructed Identities

Exhibit in progress
Exhibit in progress

Hypernative: Reconstructed Identities

Artist Line Anda Dalmar in collaboration with Regine Osbakk

Please join the Scandinavian Cultural Center Friday night at 7 p.m. October 23, as they hear from photographic  artist, Line Anda Dalmar about her project, Hypernative: Reconstructed Identities.

This newest exhibit includes photos and video from Line and Regine’s visits to the United States over 4 years. The art of Line Anda Dalmar and Regine Osbakk is research based. They began with a study of kids of third generation Norwegian descent and have a Nordic first name. Hypernative is a research based art project that examines how national identity occurs, how it is inherited and has transformed through generations.

Most of the photos are from Hatton, North Dakota and Northfield, Spring Grove, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many of the kids in the photos were from St. Olaf College in Northfield and taken during events and festivals.

The project began from random travel in the Midwest. They were surprised by the great numbers of families in the Midwest that continue to speak Norwegian through multiple generations of U.S. descent and their strong ties to the Nordic culture.

The series of video works portray different aspects of one family’s history, their relation to their own life and cultural values. Diane and Marlene Halverson live on the family farm outside Northfield, Minnesota.

In the first video, Reverse History we meet them as they look back at their father Erik Halverson’s life, his meeting with Norway and his ancestors’ history. Norway was throughout his life presented as urlandet (= fatherland), amazing and beautiful, but unreachable. When the opportunity for a visit came, he could not deal with the experience as something real. He would later look back on the journey as a dream. The film provides a reflection on the American Dream in reverse.

The second work, I have my thoughts to entertain me, is an abstract video portrayal of Erik Halverson based on how the artists experience him through his daughters stories.

In the third work, Folldal, 2014 we meet the family’s relatives in Norway as they look back and talk about their experiences related to their American family and their visits.MapLineAndaDalmar

The videos will be featured in the Stuen Room at the Scandinavian Cultural Center.

Line Anda Dalmar attended Rogaland School of Arts in Norway and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and photography at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and her Masters in Fine Arts from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Post interviewed Line at the Scandinavian Cultural Center as she was preparing her exhibit. She had to limit our time as she was meeting members of her own family, distant relatives that were stopping by at lunch. Through her travels, she has met many she had not known before, a side benefit of her work in the U.S. Line met PLU Professor Claudia Berguson in Minnesota while the King of Norway was on his U.S. tour in May. Professor Berguson helped her make the connection to show her research on the West coast.

The web page for Line Anda Dalmar can be found at click on her photo to enter the site.  Her contact email is

From the Web page:


Line Anda Dalmar (born Stavanger, Norway, 1983) is a visual artist, that lives and works in Stavanger, and Berlin. Her work’s media, principally photography and video are chosen based on how they communicate their subject matter which is primarily research-based and often site-specific.

Through her work, Dalmar investigates the consequences of living in a society strongly dominated by flows of information, developed global networks and communication tools. Dalmar is interested in how this condition affects humans, cultures and the relations between them. Her work investigates how the development of “non-places” results in cultures and humans seeming more alike, ultimately asking the question: How does this affect our perception of reality?

Dalmar completed her MFA in Art at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2010, having graduated from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2008 with a BFA in Photography.

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