Where is Frederickson?


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By Marianne Lincoln
When Pierce County began working on Community Plans in the unincorporated urban areas, they held hearings in the late 1990’s and tried to get some general agreement on where the boundaries of each unincorporated community considered its identity. They did not reach complete consensus on all, but drew lines in spite of it. The blurriest lines were between Parkland & Spanaway and between Frederickson and Spanaway.
According to Pierce County… the community of Frederickson is Brookdale Rd/160th on the North, Waller Rd & 22ns Ave. on the West, and 208th St on the South and 82nd Ave. on the East. The community center is considered to be at 176th & Canyon Rd. See the map for better detail.
The name got its origin from a lumber mill named Frederickson. That mill was located just south of the railroad crossing on Canyon (a triangular railroad junction). To the west of the…

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