Pierce County Airport-Thun Field’s runway to be closed at night for electrical work


PIERCE COUNTY — Pierce County Airport-Thun Field’s runway will be closed Monday to Thursday at night from Aug. 1 to Sept. 9 while crews install new wiring and replace runway edge light lamps. The runway will be closed from 10:30 p.m. to 9 a.m.

The work will take place Tuesday to Friday the week of Labor Day, Sept. 6-9. Work will continue Monday to Thursday Sept. 12-19, although the runway closures will not be needed.

Crews will also replace light transformers, install new energy-efficient runway end identifier lights on both Runway 17 and 35, refurbish the lighting on the existing wind tee with energy-efficient LED lights, and replace the constant current regulator for the airfield lighting system.

The current airfield lighting system wiring is old and the insulation is failing.

The runway end identifier lights help pilots identify the end of the runway during night-time operations and other limited visibility conditions. One side of the existing Runway 35 runway end identifier light system does not work and Runway 17 does not currently have the system.

The wind tee helps pilots determine wind direction during night-time operations and other limited visibility conditions. The existing wind tee’s wiring insulation is degrading and lights on the wind tee do not work.

The present constant current regulator is old and beyond its expected operational life. A new larger constant current regulator will meet the airfield lighting capacity requirements.

From July 31-Sept. 11, Pierce County will offer a free tie-down spot at Tacoma Narrows Airport for Thun Field tenants who would like to temporarily relocate. Tenants should call (253) 377-1689 to obtain an authorized tie-down location.

The contractor for the project is Colvico. The project cost is approximately $415,073, and is funded with grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Washington State Department of Transportation, as well as real estate excise taxes dedicated to the airport.


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