Sept. 10-11, All About Steam Weekend

Foss Waterway Seaport — We are thrilled to welcome back the Northwest Steam Society who will bring a collection of their steamers to moor at the Seaport’s dock. The boat owners will share their steamers with Museum guests, demo and explain how they work, plus answer all your “steam” questions. They will provide plenty of steam whistle sounds to support this event. If you have never seen these delightful boats, now is the time to come to the Seaport…they are amazing! Some lucky museum visitors will enjoy a short cruise! Free with paid admission to the Seaport. Additionally, we will offer many steam activities for kids of all ages throughout each day! Including:

  • Part of a Boat (board our kid’s boat moored securely on land)
  • What is Displacement?
  • The Power of Pressure – the Great Balloon Race
  • Smash Can Experiment
  • Blow that Steam Whistle – hourly
  • Model steamboats for kids to race in our mini pond.
  • Take your picture with HYAK crew and passengers – a Mosquito Fleet steamer from the past.

CLICK HERE to Learn More about Saturday CLICK HERE to Learn More about Sunday


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