Forum to discuss transportation grid in South Pierce – Sept 21

By Marianne Lincoln

On September 21, 2016, the Pierce Communities Coalition (PCC) will hold a public meeting to discuss the issues in the “City of Pierce” concept regarding road grid and transportation. The meeting will be held at the Pierce County Library Administration Building on 112th St. and Waller Road at 7 p.m. September 21, 2016.

Pierce County dubbed the urban area From Parkland & Spanaway to South Hill and Frederickson, including Summit View, Midland, and parts of  Elk Plain and Graham – City of Pierce. In a presentation from the Planning and Land Services Department earlier this year, the touted the 3 main North-South corridors and the  East-West route within this region.

Members of PCC will discuss just how “city-like” this transportation grid really is and what transportation looks like daily in South Pierce County.

They plan on asking attendees to make a list of their highest transportation priorities for the region.

The Pierce Communities Coalition is a collection of people from the communities in South Pierce County that are recognized by community plans. The members are citizens who have served or are serving on Land Use Advisory Committees, Community Plans or Community Associations in the area and have had many years of experience with planning in Pierce County.


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