2016 bond measure for Franklin Pierce

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By Marianne Lincoln

It’s hard to fathom how long it has been since I was in kindergarten. To give perspective, my granddaughter in is kindergarten now. I lived on a two lane road on a two-acre farm and walked to school past a gas station, a church, a hardware store and a small grocery store called Shop Rite. There were not any freeways yet, but Interstate 5 was under construction. The two lane road I lived on is called Canyon Road. The community is Summit. By the time I was in 4th grade, the state was beginning to buy up properties for the construction of State Route 512. Many of my neighborhood friends had to move that year.

My walk to Central Avenue School was about half a mile on a narrow dirt trail. The good news was, there was a dirt trail safely off the road. Closer to the…

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