Haunted housing?

The Pierce Praire Post has received reports from several housing developments in the area regarding paranormal activity. These reports date back as far as 2012.

Without pointing fingers and creating a great deal of attention to any particular locations, this Halloween we thought it would be fun to allow you to comment with feedback about the place  you live. Do you have things that go bump in the night?

Most of Spanaway and Frederickson are now made up of new houses, not a lot of creepy, creeky old houses are left. The interesting part is that the reports are coming mainly from the newer houses.

Just this week, the Post staff took a member of an old homestead family back to a development built on her great grandfather’s land, to see if there was a connection to reports of unexplainable events. We certainly did not find one. That land had never had a home on it, save for possibly an Indian camp since the Ice Age. This does not discount the events. There is more than one home experiencing the unusual occurrences.

My favorite reports come from people hearing the Spanaway Speedway racing cars. Many of us miss the races, others are glad the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are quiet again. Or, are they?

It’s Halloween, what is going bump in the night at your house?


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