Garden Club Grant

Reminder: Tacoma Garden Club Small Grants Application Information with a revised process for submission at the bottom of this message.

We are hoping to receive additional applications before December 1, so please consider this opportunity, or share with others that may be interested!

Announcing Availability of Tacoma Garden Club Small Grant Opportunity for 2016-17

 The Tacoma Garden Club’s Community Projects Committee is looking forward to another exciting year of helping community organizations with funding small projects. We would like to remind you that grant applications are due by December 1.

Mission Statement for the Community Projects Program:

  • To stimulate a love of gardening
  • To protect the quality of the environment
  • To encourage beautification
  • To support charitable, scientific and educational activities in each said area.


  • Grant requests should relate to the above mission statement
  • Grant requests need to be for a specific project (see left recipients’ list)
  • Monies requested must be used by August 31 following their receipt
  • Maximum grant amount is $500


September 1 Application open for submission.
December 1 Application deadline (must be received by 5 pm)
Dec. 10-Jan. 15 On-site visits to applicants by committee members
January Committee reviews all applications
March 1 Notification letters and checks sent to grantees

If you need our help funding a small project that falls within our mission statement, please go to the TGC website to download an application.

The Tacoma Garden Club strives to encourage community groups or organizations interested in gardening to apply for their grants. The application’s specific request needs to relate to one of the club’s missions listed above. The application must be received by December 1 and awardees are notified in February. Grants have helped purchase items such as fencing for community gardens, rain barrels, signage, brochures and tools.

To Submit a Grant:

Please go to the Tacoma Garden Club’s website ( to view the grant application. You can fill out the application online and save to your desktop, then send via e-mail to:  . Or you may print it off the website and fill out the application and send to PO Box  568, Lakebay WA, 98349

We are available to help you with questions concerning this application. Email your questions including a contact name and phone # to:

Many Thanks,

Debra Williams-Appleton


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