Danger, thin ice

By Marianne Lincoln

On my short tour of Spanaway Lake this morning, there was fog, rain, thinning ice, ducks out of water and a very quiet park. Large cracks were very visible and the park posted a very large warning sign to stay off the ice. Neighbors had been posting photos on social media of people walking far out on the lake this past week, but the ice chunks visible at the park show the ice was only about 2.5 to 3 inches thick at the most. That is not a strong surface for bearing the weight of an adult.

As the day began, the sun was out an the thermometer was pushing into the high 50’s. But as clouds formed and rain began in the early afternoon, the temperatures dropped into the low 40’s and fog formed over the lake.

Ad the rain poured down, several roads began to show massive puddles and Clover Creek swelled. I was re-routed from Brookdale Road which close at Golden Given as a backhoe was dealing with issues there.

Tule Lake in Parkland had less ice and the ducks were swimming freely near the shore. As I discovered yesterday, the areas with greater fresh water flow had less ice formed. Tule Lake, as a smaller pond, has a much greater flow rate from the creek. Overall, it was fun to see the lakes freeze, but we all will welcome the warmer weather.

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  1. Beautiful descriptions of the lakes and the park. I want to go there now and check it out! The photos are wonderful too!
    I love my new Mount Rainer calender that you created and produced! Marianne, thanks for all you do for us in the community. You are a diamond and a treasure. Thanks for keeping up with the PCC, the Parkland Communities Coalition in its mission to have a say in what happens in our own back yards. It’s a complicated subject that needs to be considered, and the meetings are taking a lot of your personal time. So thanks! Keep it up!! I appreciate you, can you tell?? Do you want me to advertise on your site? I tried to donate with thePayPal app that is there, but it needed me to put in your email address and I didn’t have it off hand and it’s 4:30 in the morning, so you need to fix it and put a PayPal button that links to your business and your donations will go up! Love ya! Take care!

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