Annexation to a city WITHOUT a vote proposed by local legislators – updated

UPDATE: I attended the hearings and spoke on both HB1683 and HB1681. Apparently the provision to do an interlocal agreement has been in the law for some time. But they are broadening the application.

Further discussion with Randy Lewis, Tacoma’s Lobbyist is currently they are focusing on the little areas that are still unincorporated that are between Tacoma and Fife and UP and Tacoma. They are already serviced by Tacoma schools and libraries, but nor the police.

However, the county resolution from June said to annex all urban unincorporated areas and that is all the way to 208th St. East. That was to satisfy the Puget Sound Regional Council so the county would still be in the consideration for Federal road money. Dollars talk and preparation for alternatives to annexation to Tacoma should still be made. The first is to be come acquainted with the nuances of the laws.

–Marianne Lincoln


Editor Note: I will be going to Olympia Thursday to discuss this before the Environment Committee. This Bill HB1681  and SB5215 sponsored by 3 Steve’s from the 29th and 28th Legislative Districts, Steve Conway, Steve Kirby and Steve O’Ban and some others. If you don’t think this is about Tacoma annexing Parkland, Spanaway and Frederickson without a vote, think again.

Please note this paragraph from the end of the proposed HB1681 being heard on Feb. 2, 2017 in the state legislature Environment Committee. This interlocal agreement between the city and the county only requires and ordinance to be passed by the county or the city. NO vote of the people or agreement of the majority of the tax, base.

May I repeat this. NO voting required by the citizens, if they want, they just make you part of the city anyway by ordinance. Read:

(4) Following adoption and execution of the agreement by both legislative bodies, the city or town legislative body shall adopt an ordinance providing for the annexation of the territory described in the agreement. The legislative body ((shall)) must cause notice of the proposed effective date of the annexation, together with a description of the property to be annexed, to be published at least once each week for two weeks subsequent to passage of the ordinance, in one or more newspapers of general circulation within the city and in one or more newspapers of general circulation within the territory to be annexed. If the annexation ordinance provides for assumption of indebtedness or adoption of a proposed zoning regulation, the notice ((shall)) must include a statement of the requirements. Any territory to be annexed through an ordinance adopted under this section is annexed and becomes a part of the city or town upon the date fixed in the ordinance of annexation, which date may not be fewer than forty-five days after adoption of the ordinance.interlocal agreement


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  1. pamelarkin says:

    I sure hope this doesn’t happen. What can we do?

    1. I spoke with the lobbyist for the City of Tacoma. Currently they are interested in annexing the small areas within their boundaries that are mostly surrounded by the city already. Parkland or Spanaway are currently low on their radar.

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