Bethel Community Survey on Facilities


BETHEL SCHOOL DISTRICT — Last fall, our district conducted a Thoughtexchange process. We learned that school crowding and safety were top concerns and created the Long Range Facilities Task Force to address these issues. Although, we did not select you to be a member of the task force, we deeply value your input and appreciate your interest in these topics.

To help the task force have a better understanding of facility issues and overcrowding, we are asking you to participate in a new Thoughtexchange process. If you have not previously received an email link to this survey, we encourage you to register here: Our partner, Thoughtexchange will send you a link to the current process where you can share your experiences and concerns about our facilities (schools, offices, fields, grounds, etc.). Your input will be shared with the community and the task force studying this issue. Please note: The deadline for sharing your thoughts is April 30.

We hope you will participate and thank you for helping us plan the future of Bethel SD.


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