Next Lake Kapowsin Cleanup July 15


Hello All:

We had a great work party last Saturday (5/20/17) at Lake Kapowsin boat launch with a total of 19 Trail clearing Kapowsinvolunteers.  Thanks to all that helped!!   Fish and Wildlife access managers Derek Hacker and John Evans also came and worked on the parking area green spaces to increase visibility for security. We cleared about 740 feet of an existing shoreline access trail (on WDFW property) that was overgrown with blackberry and some of the little spurs that access the lake shore.  Trash was cleaned up as well.  The trail has some big wet spots and could use some rock to firm those up; perhaps next time we could add that to the list. It turned out that a weedwhacker/brushcutter was the standout tool for the day, but a lot of us got quite a bit done with loppers as well. We also sent out two boats to patrol the lakeshore for trash, so if you want to help with that next time, bring a boat! A long reach grabber is a must for that task.

I attached a flyer for the July 15 work party (photo) – mark your calendar if you can come! And share with friends, paddlers, fisherman and duck hunters. Please reply with ideas, sponsors, contacts if you have them.  I’ll send a reminder about this before the 4th of July weekend.

Thanks, hope to see you out there!
Birdie Davenport, Aquatic Reserves Program Manager, Aquatic Resources Division, 360-902-1073

DNR Kapowsin July 15 2017


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