Innovative road surface treatment coming to Pierce County road curves

[Editor note: One of these locations is by my home and was just surfaced today. I will remark soon on how it goes. So far, it is an amazing improvement. The road bed on 122nd was failing in places.]


Pierce County will install an innovative surface treatment at five roadway locations in August and early September.

The treatment – called a high friction surface treatment – will be applied starting Aug. 18 at the following locations:

  • Spanaway Loop Road South – curve near 166th Street South
  • 9th Street East – curve east of 190th Avenue East
  • 12th Street East and 210th Avenue East curve
  • 110th Avenue East and 122nd Street East curve
  • Orting Kapowsin Highway East – “S” curve near 152nd Avenue East

Work will start near Lake Tapps at the 9th Street East curve and the 12th Street East and 210th Avenue East curve, before moving to the other locations. A document showing the work locations is available at

The five locations were selected to receive the treatment based on various factors including curve alignment, travel speed, and the rate of documented fatal or serious injury crashes

The treatment’s combination of highly-durable aggregate materials and high-strength epoxy resin increases the skid resistance of the roadway surface and helps motorists maintain better control when negotiating curves in both wet and dry conditions

“This is the first time a high friction surface treatment will be used in unincorporated Pierce County,” said Brian D. Stacy, P.E., Pierce County Planning and Public Works county engineer. “The treatment has been shown nationally to be effective at increasing safety and reducing collisions on roadway curves with a history of crashes where motorists drive off the road.

The work will take 15 days total. It will be completed on weekdays, and will be timed to avoid peak hour traffic at each location. The roads will remain open, although short-term lane restrictions will be needed. Motorists should watch for electronic signs notifying them of these restrictions. The work will not impact nearby properties

Pierce County received a $1.1 million federal Innovative Safety Program grant for this work. Specialized Pavement Marking, Inc. is the project contractor

More information about high friction surface treatments is available here.


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