Expanding horizons – 253 Watch

For the past 5 years our editor, Marianne Lincoln, has been posting articles to talk about events and occurrences around the Bethel and Franklin Pierce School District areas. The Pierce Prairie Post is part of the Spanaway Community Association, which has existed since September 1994.

Like everyone else, we all got tired of having meetings to attend, so we turned to the blogosphere to get out the word without making you take time away from your household to get to another meeting.

The Spanaway Community Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and we cannot publish information designed to persuade your vote on a ballot issue. Granted, there are times we would love to should from the mountaintops about those things that would make our community better, but we cannot if they are on the current ballot. We can tell you what your elected officials are doing and try to get you to pay attention when you need to pick up a pen, keyboard or phone to your representative to let them know your needs.

There is another player in town. That is a blog called 253watch. It covers the greater Pierce County area and it not affiliated with the Spanaway Community Association. 253Watch is more likely to cover crime, something the PPP usually leaves to the larger fish wrappers in the county since they love to point out the negatives and we love the positives. In between, 253watch is going to talk about things we at the PPP cannot discuss and bring perspective and dimensions to the changing world around us.

Thank you for being caring community members who check out the Pierce Prairie Post and get involved in the great things happening around us!





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  1. The 253watch.com has no way to follow it with email announcements – and the link above is not a direct link – this one is. https://253watch.wordpress.com … 🙂

  2. 404 not found says:

    Give us a link, please. Google does not turn up any site by that name.

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