March 7 – Harvard Elem. – Local Zoning Changes on Portland Avenue


We are about to lose our beloved and historic community as we know it – forever.  This is not just a supposition or speculation; it is very real and is moving forward now at high speed.  All of this rezoning was done specifically at the request of a couple of outside developers and not at the request of any resident of Midland!  By the way, the dark green areas were only added at the very last minute and it is HSF – high density townhouses side by side up to 65’ high, even over the old fire station property.  No one living off Portland knows this, as the post cards only say Portland Ave, and do not mention all the areas off Portland.  Even the Community Development Committee & County Council did not know about this, as this change was not presented to the Community Development committee on Feb 5th.  It was changed after that meeting!

Please attend the Wednesday March 7th meeting at Harvard Elementary 6:30 PM to make your voices heard.  You will hate what they are planning to do to Midland!

Thanks – see you there!
Cindy Beckett, Proud Midland resident




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