Turn in those ballots, Bethel voters!

There are two ways to spoil and election. One is to fail to get enough yes votes. The other is to fail to “qualify” by getting enough ballots turned in.

Every election costs around $75,000 for a school district to even get on the ballot. Add to that the cost of sending out informational materials, run ads and print media. When a ballot issue is approved by your elected Board of Directors as needed for school support, the district pays the Auditor’s office to run the election.

We can blame the cold and snow, but the post office will take your ballot back to Election Bethel Ballots 2019 CHeadquarters post haste. The blame now lies in those who hoard their ballots and do not send them back or drop them in a local designated election box. Bethel needs 16,616 ballots turned in to even glance at the yesses and no’s. 1,821 more people need to vote in Bethel. Yelm is facing a similar problem.

VOTE – get them sent in before February 12!  That’s what we do in a democratic republic. Thank you.

Here is the data from Pierce County as of February 6, 2019:
Bethel Ballots 2019
Bethel Ballots 2019 B


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