Sewer lines – Another problem for Elk Plain Crossing


In the Land Use Advisory Committee hearing for Elk Plain Crossing, Rob Jenkins of Planning and Land Service just barely touched on the issue of where they will get sewer lines. You see, Health Department regulations require 14,500 sq. ft. lots to have septic tanks, so these tightly packed houses will require sewer access.Sewer Map 4 11 2019 GIS note

Briefly a map flashed up on the screen, but no testimony on where the sewer will be connected was given. Since I was sitting next to the developer representation, I commented they should pull it from the east. This line comes down from Bethel High School and can connect in the back from 232nd Street. The alternative is to pull the trunk line from near Walmart under the Mountain Highway.

Can you imagine having lane closures (or full closure) on the Mountain Highway for over a year? That distance could take 18 months or more to reach 224th. It would also have to pass under the railroad bridge Loveland Crossing.

This sewer issue is unresolved at this time. It deserves to have community input as well. Call or email the planner, Rob Jenkins ( or Councilman Jim McCune’s office at 253-798-6626 ( to express your concerns.


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