Fireworks rules in unincorporated areas


The 4th of July is approaching. Tribal Fireworks booths are already selling fireworks.  Illegal fireworks are subject to confiscation and possible  criminal charges. State licensed sales of legal fireworks will begin on June 28. It’s a good time to review what the laws are concerning your decision to light that first tempting firecracker.20180704_212011

Here is the law in unincorporated Pierce County, some changes are recent.

JULY 1 – JULY 3: 10AM – 11PM
JULY 5: 10AM – 11PM (ONLY when the 4th falls on a Sunday)
Here is a link to every city fireworks regulations in the county (scroll down), and the laws, rules and recommendations related to them.

We at the PPP wish your fur babies well. If you own a dog that goes berserk at the noise of the fireworks. A local citizen recommended “Pawsability” in Fife and/or “It’s a Dogs World” in Sumner to help your dog learn to cope with the fireworks time of year.

Have a safe and happy annual celebration.


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  1. Madline Corwin says:

    Who do I contact to learn how to get the unincorporated Pierce County fireworks laws changed?

    1. Lincoln says:

      Your County Council Member is your contact.

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