Planning Commission makes final recommendations on updates to four community plans


PIERCE COUNTY — The Pierce County Planning Commission made its final Centers and Corridors 3 12 2020recommendations on updates to the Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland and South Hill community plans March 10 and 12.

Community plans provide direction on how growth and development will occur. The plans address topics such as zoning, transportation, the look and feel of the community, and access to services and amenities.

The commission’s final recommendations on each plan, associated development regulations and amendments to the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan are anticipated to be submitted to the Pierce County Council by March 26.

The council is anticipated to begin considering the proposed changes for each plan this spring. There will be opportunities for in-person and written public comment during the council’s review process. Information on future council meetings will be posted at

Notable recommendations

The commission recommended approval of the Centers and Corridors proposal with some modifications to zoning requirements, such as allowed density, height and parking. The proposal would focus growth along Pacific Avenue/State Route 7, Meridian/State Route 161, 176th Street East, 112th Street East and Canyon Road East.

The Planning Commission also included policies that support considering impact fees for fire and emergency services.

Visit to view a summary of all proposed changes, the Planning Commission’s recommendations, and the recommended zoning map.

Using community feedback gathered over the last few years, Pierce County and the Land Use Advisory Commissions for the four areas drafted updates to the plans and development regulations.

The Planning Commission held over 30 public meetings and study sessions from June 2019 to March 2020 to review the draft updates.

To learn more about the updates, community members can call the Community Plans Hotline at 253-798-2799, email .

Interactive map of zoning changes

[Editor Note: Look at the big zoning change around Sunrise and Emerald Ridge. Looks like Weyerhaeuser Development got a big tip of the hat from the County!]

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