Pierce County to hire more Sheriff deputies

PIERCE COUNTY — Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier has lifted the County’s hiring freeze to add approximately two dozen deputies to the Sheriff’s Department.Sheriff

“This unique opportunity to bring experienced deputies to the County is one we can’t pass up,” said Dammeier. “While other places look to defund police, in Pierce County we are looking for ways to improve public safety.”

The County’s hiring freeze otherwise remains in effect. Dammeier imposed a general hiring freeze earlier in the year to manage the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sheriff Paul Pastor noted both the need for these deputies and the positive impact they will have.  “I am grateful that we have the opportunity to hire Deputies who wish to join us from other agencies.  This will help us provide additional staffing and better service to Pierce County communities as well as additional opportunities to more closely link with the people we serve.”

In moving forward with hiring new deputies, Pierce County is working to further diversify its patrol force at a time when the community is demanding greater accountability and transparency from law enforcement.

“The Pierce County Council supports hiring for the full number of positions within the Sheriff’s Department, as demonstrated by its approval of the 2020-21 biennial budget which included funding for these positions,” Council Chair Doug Richardson said. “The Council did not endorse a hiring restriction and is pleased to see the department take advantage of the number of law enforcement professionals interested in pursuing careers in Pierce County.”


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