County Council preparing to condemn property along 224th St. for new signal at 92nd Ave.

Proposal 2020-109: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Authorizing the Prosecuting Attorney to Commence Condemnation Proceedings (After 180 Days from the Date the County Presents the First Formal Offer) to Acquire Real Property for County Road Project (CRP) 5819, 92nd Avenue East / 224th Street East Intersection and Providing Notice to Affected Property Owners of Record of the Final Action Specifically Relating to the Following Properties: Tax Parcel Numbers (TIN) 0418166015, 0418166014, 0418166013, 0418166012, 0418166026, 0418097016, 0418093004, 0418166016, 0418161028, 0418094007, 0418094045, 0418094053. (Condemnation Proceedings – Grant of Authority to Prosecuting Attorney)

The Council just completed the hearing on the proposal and it passed the Economic and Infrastructure Development Committee unanimously.

Two of these properties have agreed to sell to the county and will not go through the condemnation process. The remaining owners have 6 months to make an agreement to sell with the county before the Pierce County Prosecutor is given the order to begin the prosecution of the situation to take the property by law for the public use, expanding the intersection an correcting the deficiencies that cause so many accidents blocking that intersection several times a week.

The purpose of the property acquisition is to place a traffic signal at 92nd Avenue and 224th Street. Affected properties extend from the Railroad crossing at 89th Avenue (formerly known as Hardy) to one property east of 94th Avenue.

The County Council Meeting where this will be formally put into a proceeding will be on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.
To following a County Council Meeting in this pandemic, please use the directions from this Post article, Remote participation in Pierce County Council Meetings.

The maps of the coming changes as currently designed are below.


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  1. I would like to print this article and it won,t let me how can I get done????

    1. Lincoln says:

      I am looking into adding a feature. In the meantime, you can copy the text and right click to save any photos.

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