Holiday lights on?

Spanaway Park Fantasy Lights have been taking up space and locking the south gate of the park for years now. Since it is the only public park in Spanaway, the County leaves the north entrance open for daytime use, but closes it just before dark. If you are there around 3:00 p.m., you can watch as the lights magically begin to come on. By dark, the parks employees will ask you to leave.

Here are a few shots of Fantasy Lights, before the park closed Friday. Has anyone ever given that bear a name?

Starting this weekend, the Post Editor will be touring parts of Parkland, Spanaway and Frederickson for the best holiday lights by local residents. So if you see a blonde lady in a gray Nissan SUV taking pictures of your lights, that may be her admiring your festive work. The Post loves people who add a bit of joy to the community. On Christmas Eve, we hope to show off the best of your work.

The editor herself has chosen not to decorate outside her house this year, something about age, a trick knee and a ladder. (There is a wreath.) But here is her unique indoor tree, a once in a lifetime event in honor all women who vote. Featuring the 100th Year of Women’s Suffrage. Custom decorations in purple, white and yellow with all the American women in her family from great grandmothers to granddaughters.

May your season be merry & bright!


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