No COVID19 Vaccine sites in Parkland Spanaway?

By Editor Marianne Lincoln

I invite you to correct me if I have missed something. Reading through the available locations for COVID19 vaccines, there is a location in Elk Plain at the Fred Meyer. There is a Location in Summit at the Albertson’s Pharmacy. But the Pacific Avenue corridor in Parkland and Spanaway has no locations. Why are we forgotten again? Pierce County is a repeat offender when it comes to forgetting Parkland and Spanaway. That loss has much to do with having no city in the area. Boo, Lakewood, you get stuff all the time and we don’t.

I hope the Health Department or County is planning an even at Sprinker Recreation Center sometimes soon. There were hundreds of cars, practically a packed parking lot over the weekend with athletes playing baseball and more.

Please, make me a liar. I dare you. Bring the vaccine here.

Why do I care? I live in a duplex with a shared attic and my neighbors have it now. So, please.

[Also a nod to Roy and McKenna for whom I saw none]


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  1. Yolanda Markle says:

    Something to mention at the next county council meeting.

    Yolanda Markle, Licensed Agent WA & OR PHP Agency/ People Helping People c 253.678.3301 FB Yolanda Markle PHP Educating families to “Save and Make Money”


  2. PLU has hosted several Vaccine clinics recently, heard WA HS too?

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