Sense of community, one weekend at a time

The Spanaway LA Fitness is located in a shopping center with a large parking lot between 156th and 159th and Pacific Avenue South. The parking lot has been host to Wednesday classic and hot rod car gatherings and starting this Memorial Day weekend, it will be host to a vendor fair.

Between 1995 and 2002, I assisted with the Parkland Spanaway Festival at both Sprinker and then on Park Avenue in Spanaway. Putting these large events together is a lot of work. This weekend is the first of what the organizers hope will be many weekends in Spanaway for local crafters and vendors to market their items to the community.

The event is open until 5 p.m. on Sunday. If you are interested in being a vendor in the future, head to the T-shirt booth. There are still opportunities for those who spent the pandemic months being creative. Some farm products would be great too.

This is the link to their site, “Pop-Up Vendors Galore” on Facebook. You can sign up to be a vendor there.

Sense of community is a precious commodity. I wish them and Spanaway loads of success.

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