Public Comment, new County Council Districts

On December 6, 2021, on a zoom link, the public may comment on the changes in the newly proposed County Council District map.

From the Council email:

Due to discrepancies in data that appeared in the GIS version of the map submitted Monday, Nov. 29, the Districting Master has resubmitted the map for public review. The new final draft plan was submitted Dec. 1, 2021.
The Districting Committee must adopt the districting plan within 15 days. If the districting plan is neither adopted nor modified within 15 days after submission, the plan is deemed adopted. The committee must conclude its work no later than Dec. 31, 2021.
The map is official once it is filed with the Pierce County Auditor’s Office.
The public can attend the virtual meeting here or by calling 253-215-8782 and entering Webinar ID 963-5627-6700.
The final draft plan along with previous meeting materials can be found online at

Proposed Map for Public Comment Dec. 6, 2021

 How to view the new boundaries: Click on the GIS map found here and under the “Theme Data Menu” header uncheck all boxes except the one labeled “Final Draft Plan”. Zoom in on the map to see the borders. To toggle between the current Council district boundaries and the proposed boundaries, check and uncheck the “Council Districts – Pierce County” label, which will allow users to compare boundary lines.
The Districting Committee was appointed in September and tasked with redrawing the seven Pierce County Council districts to equally distribute the county’s population based on 2020 Census data.
Additional information about the Districting Committee is outlined in Sections 4.40, 4.50 and 4.60 of the Pierce County Charter, including how the districts are drawn, formation of the Districting Committee, the appointment process, timelines, and the process for creation of the new district maps and their adoption.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Victoria Forte says:

    This redistricting was partisan. It was drawn leaving one republican out of his district. This is the same tactic used 10 years ago by the same map drawer. This needs to be redone in a non partisan way before its voted on!!

    1. Lincoln says:

      A Democrat on the committee offered an amendment that was accepted by the committee Tuesday evening (12/7). That amendment put Sumner into District 2 and Put CM Morell back in District 1.

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