PLU opens a window for Parkland School in letter to Council


Pacific Lutheran University President Allan Belton opened a window of opportunity to the community who wants to save the Parkland School. In a letter to members of the Pierce County Council, he noted that the property is being made available for the purchase price of $2.85 million if the community can find a buyer within the next year.

A statement from the Committee to Save the Historic Parkland School:

In a recent letter to two members of the Pierce County Council, Pacific Lutheran University president Allan Belton has agreed to sell Parkland School for use by the community. In his letter, Belton set a price of $2.85 million and wrote that a property transfer needed to develop apartments will be delayed for one year.

“We’re pleased that PLU is reconsidering plans and are hopeful that funding to save the school can be accomplished with the help of elected officials, nonprofits and other community stakeholders,” said Lori Curtis, president of the Parkland Community Association.

The Committee is making arrangements to start a fund toward that process. They are also discussing the possible restoration of the building with part as offices for the Franklin Pierce School District and the gym as a potential Boys and Girls Club or other after school youth activities. Discussions continue on these ideas.


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  1. Alyce Warren says:

    Yay, wonderful news!

  2. gaylecarlson says:

    Any way to verify that PLU paid $1.7 million for the whole property? Seems high to me as I’ve heard other much less figures talked about. ________________________________

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