Slow down, it’s 35 now! No warning, Pacific Avenue speed limit signs changed

The troopers are out looking for anyone that isn’t noticing the change in the speed limit signs on Pacific Avenue. From Military Road (152nd) to the Roy-Y (190th), the speed limit has now dropped from 40 to 35 mph.

There are no little orange flags on the signs to give you a heads up. So if you are not keen on following news or government email notices, you might not realize this. It could cost you a ticket; the State Patrol will be on hand to let you know the hard way, with their flashing lights and sirens.

As soon as Thursday, January 12, travelers will notice new speed limit signs on a section of State Route 7 in Pierce County. 

Washington State Department of Transportation crews will install new speed limit signs at the following locations:

  • 35-mile-per-hour speed limit signs between mileposts 47.89 and 49.82 in the Spanaway community of unincorporated Pierce County.

The previous speed limit was 40-miles-per-hour.

The speed limit changes are the result of a WSDOT speed study in coordination with the Washington State Patrol.

The reduced speed limit is enforceable as soon as signs are installed.

Real-time traffic information is available on the WSDOT statewide travel map, the WSDOT app and WSDOT regional Twitter account.

The statewide map, WSDOT link is amazing to watch up close. It gives real time traffic data. Great for a business lobby TV screen. This was our area at 1-12-23 at 1:55 p.m.

And updated at 2:22 p.m. 1-12-23


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