What would the COMMUNITY like at Sprinker?

The Pierce County Parks Department put out a survey for the community to tell them what would be best at the Sprinker Center. In other words, what would the community enjoy there. Not enough of you responded. In fact, it was middle age white women who responded. So I asked Jani Hitchen, “Was that me? Yes, I did the survey.

Now, kids, I mean those of you between 18 and 30, please go answer the survey. You might like seeing the things they are planning. I am certain you will like using some of them, I took my grandchildren to the spray park in Puyallup last summer. There were lots of children having a great time, including us. We could be doing that at Sprinker!

So pull up the screen at this link and take 5 minutes. What you will get from this may be something you will go an create lots of great memories at too.

From Pierce County:

Help us improve Sprinker!

After more than 45 years of serving the Parkland, Spanaway, and greater Pierce County communities, Sprinker Recreation Center‘s indoor spaces are in need of updates and improvements. 

Help Pierce County Parks create a Sprinker that can better serve the needs of the community. Let’s create a community space that will benefit you, your family, neighbors, and future generations. 

We’ve extended our survey deadline! We want to hear from you! Please take our survey to let us know what you want to see inside Sprinker by March 3. The survey is also available in Spanish.

Learn more at www.SprinkerIndoors.com.


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  1. david terry hurd says:

    Why is so much of the impact fee for parks not kept in the originating area as original community plan stipulated and sent to Sprinker and other communities? We wait with unfinished parks in our communities. Pierce County makes a lot of plans with no completeion date or funding source. Just look at roads.

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