Graham Historical Society, Feb. 28

By Marianne Lincoln

Graham has history, lots of history, actually. You can find some of it on page F-10 of the Graham Community Plan. Other bits and pieces are in small books and hard to find, out-of-print books like In the Shadow of the Mountain, by Andy Anderson. Others have not yet been written, but are in film and notebooks of some folks who need to sit down and get it done. [Editor note: That would be me.]

There is a Graham Historical Society, and they are trying to get back on track post-pandemic. On February 28, noon, at the Graham Senior Center in Frontier, there will be a monthly, in-person meeting. The group is not the kind of people that use Zoom or computers, many are bonafide pieces of local history themselves. So plan to show up if you want to know what is going on.

The Graham area is defined from 22nd Avenue and 208th Street in Elk Plain down the Mountain Highways to 352nd Street over to Tanwax, Kapowsin, and Electron. These places were booming in the early 1900’s and are sleepy rural areas now. History tells the stories of how that took place and their significance in the beginning of Pierce County.


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