Today, I got to meet Bob


He walked into the Spanaway Starbucks while I was chatting with a classmate about local real estate. I told my friend Gail I had to meet him. He was dressed in a exotic African Shirt and a crown he found at the local Spirit of Halloween store. It would be an understatement to say he stood out from the other customers. His countenance and occupation with a bag full of work he brought with him said he has a story.

Bob Kinsdahl has lived in Spanaway since 2004, but he grew up in Parkland. He attended the Parkland School, in the old wing that was built in 1951 and was demolished for the Garfield Station project. He also attended classes in the old building main floor and basement. I made sure to invite him to the 115th Birthday Party at Keithly Middle School on May 20 at noon.

Later in life, Bob attended Pacific Lutheran University. Since he mentioned he is Norwegian, I also let him know, as he revealed his favorite festival, that the Norwegian Heritage Festival in on April 29 at the PLU University Center.

Bob went on to describe some of the other very special outfits he wears about town. His penchant is for the exotic. If you see him, feel free to say hello. I guarantee a conversation would be most interesting.


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