Street racers need to organize, the real way


By Marianne Lincoln

Spanaway Speedway closed in 2008, Pacific Raceways in Kent is still open. Yet, there are street racers making our roadways dangerous to others who just want to get where they are going.

Demolition derby seems to have moved from the Speedway to the streets these days. Maybe, instead of an airport, we should be talking about a place these racers can go to get their jollies without endangering the rest of us. I once built a skate park. Remember how dangerous people thought skaters were? Well, street racers certainly are not any less. Redemption is possible.

So folks, it is time to get organized and build a place to do what you love. It can be done. What will it take to inspire you to do this? Instead of fighting the system, create it! Instead of jail time, trophies would be nice.

This is a call. If you can make it happen, it is time. You can get Mayors behind it. The business owners may buy in too. They would prefer this to spending more on policing, believe me. Kent for one.

Now, who is in?


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  1. Hal says:

    So where will it be built? Spanaway was built way out in the boonie’s. Then homes were built nearby and people moved in then they whined and Spanaway had to close. Kent gets their share of noise complaints also.

  2. Coleen Cole says:

    Original thinking! I like it!

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