Paradise in the morning

I was born and raised in Western Washington and I just realized why I am not a morning person. I can understand this hesitation when I have to get up and go to work at o-dark thirty when it’s dark outside. But when you get up after the alleged sunrise and it’s still a dark shade of gray in the sky, that doesn’t help much either.

For the past two days there hasn’t been any morning fog or ‘morning cloudiness’ as the weather people call it. Finally this year, we had a couple days in a row when the sun came out before I got out of bed. It finally feels like summer. A bright sunny sky at the time the sun is supposed to be rising is certainly inspirational.  Although my bedroom doesn’t take direct morning light, the glistening leaves dancing in a light breeze with morning sun on them is just as lovely. So I am inspired and awake early today, as I was yesterday for the same reason. It’s almost the end of August, I hope this will last for a few more weeks. But of course, the weather people are saying there is rain on the way once again in a couple days. Well, they can just hold off that rain and give us a few more of these mornings with sunshine first. We deserve it. It’s not that we haven’t been without rain; it’s been dry for almost 6 weeks. But every morning, those despicable clouds have been muddying the daylight until noon.

So this morning I am celebrating the sunrise, such a lovely and rare sight this year. Perhaps for one more day we will have that opportunity, until Tuesday when our lovely mountains will once again draw the shower curtain. Then I will shift to hoping that the summer fire fighters get a break from the wild fires on the east side.

I hope you are also enjoying your sunny morning here in paradise on (for most) the last weekend of summer break. Check the schools tab at the top of the page for information when your school district begins classes.

And I know many of you will be getting up, going outside and once again holding your hands over your eyes and exclaiming, “Oooh, what is that bright thing!” It’s a local joke, you wouldn’t understand in California or Arizona.


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  1. J. Rust says:

    Your so so right! Those of us who are lucky enough to live at least part-time in Arizona do become quickly accustomed to constant sunshine and blue skies. But being a born and raised Washingtonian, and currently an escapee from way too much Arizona summer heat, I too appreciated those sun drenched mornings. Thank you Mother Nature!

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