Lacamas Communtiy Fair ends today

Entered at the fair on Thursday

You still have time to come out to the Lacamas community Fair and see who got the blue ribbons.  According to the rules of the fair, everyone who enters gets a ribbon. Why you didn’t enter is beyond me. For me, I showed up on Thursdays to cover the process of people entering the fair. I was asked where my entry was. After the 5th time I heard that, I drove home and got a jar of applesauce I had canned the week before. I wish I had also found my Oregon Grape jelly, but it was hiding. So I drove back just as they were closing the entries for the day. Lucky for me, the lady who usually enters lots of canned goods was taking he son to college this week. I actually had a shot at achieving a ribbon or merit. Better yet, my sister had complained when I made the applesauce, because I bought jars. (Apologies to my jar saving ancestors, but I didn’t know where that stock was stored.)  So I am headed to the fair today to collect my applesauce and see which ribbon it earned.

Hope to see you there!

Lacamas Community Center: 32113 8th Avenue South, Roy, WA

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