Two annual south county political events – same day, same time

Both say it wasn’t intentional and spoke out on Facebook about how much they appreciate each other. On Saturday, September 8th, both Representative  J.T. Wilcox and former Senator Marilyn Rasmussen held their annual farm events. Both are a great way to get to know your community and to see candidates for public office at all levels. It is not unusual for Federal and statewide candidates to show up at these two great events.

We all really do get along out here.

At the Wilcox Family Farm, it was a Salmon Bake featuring Nisqually River Chinook donated by the Nisqually Tribe. Guests could also sample Washington wines and tour the old Harts Lake schoolhouse or the farm implement museum. Senator Randi Becker, Representative Gary Alexander and Pierce County Councilman Dick Muri who is running for the 10th Congressional District were present.

Over at the Rasmussen Farm, former Senator Marilyn Rasmussen served up fresh picked corn on the cob donated by the Scholtz farm in the Puyallup Valley. Guests included Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn, Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor, Billy O’Brien who is running for County Assessor, Art Wang representing Jay Inslee, Bruce Lachney who is running for the 2nd legislative district Senate seat and Greg Hartman who is running for 2nd LD representative. Other guests included Councilman Tim Farrell, former Councilwoman Barbara Gelman, Yoshie Wong candidate for the 28th LD Senate seat, Eric Choiniere, University Place Councilman and candidate for 28th LD Representative among many others.

The beauty of these events is the sense of community in the rural southern part of Pierce County. The lovely pastures, trees, flora and fauna with that majestic mountain watching from a shorter distance, make it a lovely evening to chat with friends and mull over policies with the people who help make it happen. Politics isn’t contentious here; it’s about making sure you got a chance to tell the person representing you how they are doing and what they can make better. It’s up close, personal and highly effective. This is the kind of government our founding fathers intended, the place we who vote can meet and break bread with those who we elected.

Conflicts and compliments from candiates who are friends and neighbors first

Even on Facebook, JT and Marilyn apologized about having their events on the same date. In spite of all the things going on in the campaigns, we are all neighbors first.

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