The Weiler Bridge

As you are travelling south on the Mountain Highway past the light at 260th, you round a corner and begin to climb what is known as Muck Creek Hill. Just before that hill on the right is Weiler Road. Sitting high enough off Muck Creek to avoid flooding, Weiler road has seen a continuous growth of residents over the past 30 years. If you go far  enough down the road, it becomes a private road along 278th.

Although the road winds along for a considerable distance, there are no other entrances or exits. 278th Street, just barely misses connecting to 276th Street which reaches 8th Avenue East. A turn to the right off 278th at 28th Avenue misses connecting to 292nd by a fence line. That route would take you to 304th Street. But those connections do not exist.WP_008503

Here’s why that might matter someday. 278th Street is a private road that crosses Muck Creek. The owners of that road must maintain a bridge over the creek. It isn’t a sexy bridge, it is a railroad flat car. It is a bit intimidating to cross the first time you do. There is a sign just before the bridge asking you to maintain a 15 m.p.h. speed limit. There is no load limit sign, however. There are also NO railings, you better drive accurately, and with an angel on your shoulder in the snow.

WP_008485Yesterday, I stood beside the creek and watched a small car cross the bridge. There was a thump sound at each end as the car entered and exited the bridge, but there was no noticeable motion while it crossed. The flat car is actually a very effective and cost containing method of bridging a small creek. If this was a county road, there might be a car count that I could quote here, but it’s private, so there is not. Even Weiler, which is a county road, has no car count data.

As more houses pop up in that area, more pressure is put on that bridge. The residents can only hope there is no flash flood or overweight vehicle that causes any issues, they have no other way out.

Perhaps it is time to ask the county what it’s future plans are for that particular neighborhood. Maybe this should be a county road and they should seriously look at building a real bridge. In the meantime, kudos to those ambitious folks who maintain the current bridge. It’s been a good little workhorse for the neighborhood.

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  1. gkcclc says:

    Supposedly our property is the snout of Muck Cree, My neighbor wanted to take our 65 acres and create Muck Creek Golf Course but that plan went dead when golf courses started to go belly up around here. My students have their salmon project on the No. Fork of Muck Creek. I think I travel over this bridge every Thursday as I take home an Ecosystem Explorers student. At first is is scary. CVW

  2. Robin says:

    That bridge was recently Updated and they did a fine job. You might wat to take a new look at it

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