School begins at Bethel

SPANAWAY, WA — Today was the first day of school in the Bethel School District. This year, a full complement of classes are attending the Middle Schools. The 7th and 8th graders are joined by grade 6. The district elementary schools are now grades K-5; high schools are grades 9 -12. DSC_5683

Out in Roy, the city council worked with Pierce County, the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Bethel School District this summer to get flashing lights for their school zones. The most important one of all, the light on McNaught Street, also known as SR507, failed to function this morning. This is a great disappointment as the light will have to be reprogrammed and it could take up to a month before that can be accomplished.DSC_5659

In response to the lack of the flashing lights, the city will be reposting the other 20 MPH School Zones signs temporarily. The Chief of Police put orange cones at the sidewalk where the school crossing guard was meeting students crossing the highway.DSC_5681

Other links for the school district,  bus schedules, sports and annual calendars are available on our School News page:



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