New County Council proposal would bring parity to employee evaluations


Proposed Ordinance 2014-59, which will be considered by the County Council’s Rules and Operations Committee on Aug. 11, would allow non-represented employees to challenge, grieve or appeal a supervisor’s performance evaluation – a right that represented employees already enjoy in statute.

Pierce County law requires certain provisions with regard to county employee performance evaluations; however others are only practiced as a policy. Ordinance 2014-59 – proposed by Councilmember Stan Flemming – would codify those policies to help instill a level of assured fairness among all employees.

“This issue was actually brought to my attention by a county employee who noticed the discrepancy,” said Flemming, who represents the 7th Council District. “I was surprised that county code treated the two types of employees differently, but glad that we have workers among our ranks that pay attention to details.”

Under county code, employee performance evaluations for career service employees can be used for a wide range of personnel actions including salary increases, disciplinary actions and layoffs. Proposed Ordinance 2014-59 would grant jurisdiction to the county’s Personnel Board to review appeals of performance evaluations and to make recommendations on personnel policies and procedures in the Administrative Guidelines.

The upcoming rules committee meeting begins at 10 a.m. on Aug. 11, and Pierce County residents are encouraged to testify both in-person and via e-mail. Final consideration of the measure is scheduled for Aug. 19 at the Council’s regular 3 p.m. meeting.


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