Welcome back to school!

By Marianne Lincoln

Everyone is back to school this week in the local K-12 system. Busses are humming and in the case of Bethel, will soon be equipped with video to track those of you who violate the safety of the red flashing lights. Bethel also has a new transportation facility in Frederickson. The Pierce County Skills Center has another phase under construction.DSC_0416

Facebook today was full of photos of everyone’s child’s first day of school or first day back. My friend Shannon had her kids hold up signs about their grade (5th, 7th & 11th) and what they planned to do after college. My own granddaughter was in a video jumping up and down before dad took her to her first day of kindergarten. My school chum Susan, posted her granddaughter leaving for 5th grade. I remember when we went to our first day of school together in 3rd grade. Certainly a day filled with memories.

Expressions #1 was released today. That is the Bethel district’s arts calendar. The Spanaway Lake Music Company will be singing at the Puyallup Fair on Saturday Sept. 6 at 11 a.m., 12:45 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. Expressions in lengthy, so the link to the PDF file is here. Expressions #1 9-3-14 Sept. 17 is the first late arrival day for Bethel.

Welcome back to school everyone! Make the most of it!



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