Luxury Limousine Tour Raffle

Win a Luxury Champagne Limousine Trip to Your Favorite Restaurant/Club from Centralia to Tacoma

The Triad Theater in Yelm is fundraising by selling tickets to a raffle. Proceeds from this “Luxury Limousine Tour Raffle” will go to support the Triad Arts Theater, as it seeks to purchase a new sound system and make other improvements

The winner will be entitled to the following:

A ride for Two (2) in the Triad’s amazing luxury stretch limousine.

Dinner for two (not to exceed $200 total including 20% Restaurant Gratuity

  • Two (2) bottles of champagne on ice.

The option of inviting up to four (4) others, excluding their dinner cost.

Total time from the Triad Theater to destination and back not to exceed five (5) hours ….additional time would be charged at the rate of $100/hour.

The Triad Theater is hosting this raffle, with tickets costing $5 each. You may purchase as many tickets as you like. The odds of winning are in your favor, since raffle sales will be limited to 200 tickets.

A public drawing at the Triad Theater will be scheduled when ticket sales reach 200. The Royal Champagne Feast must be used within 60 days of the drawing.

May the force be with you!



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