Bethel’s high schools choose Daffodil Princesses

BETHEL SCHOOL DISTRICT — High schools around the district have each selected their Daffodil Princesses for the 2015 Daffodil Parade. Bailee Towns (GKHS), Taylor Trujillo (SLHS) and Ransom Satterlee (BHS) were all named Bethel’s 2015 Princesses.

The Daffodil Parade is only one event in a whirlwind year, which each Princess is completely dedicated to. Having been chosen for their leadership and academic success, Princesses representing 24 high schools in Pierce County commit themselves to community service, public appearances and are representatives of the communities they come from.

Students selected will compete this spring for the Queen’s title and thousands of dollars in scholarships. “Shine Your Light with Service” is the theme of the 82nd annual Daffodil Parade that will take place on April 11, 2015.

For more information on upcoming festival events, visit

Daffodil2014 BSD


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