The Boys in the Boat – Graham lunchtime talk, Dec 10

Wed., Dec. 10 at noon, all are invited to Graham’s (GKCC) annual Christmas pot luck and volunteer appreciation. Location: Graham Fire and Rescue on 70th Ave.

Graham Lunchtime Talk, December 10th, 2014

The subject of our talk will be “The Boys in the Boat”, a very personal look at a true story about local boys – much like but very different from youth in Graham today – growing up, overcoming incredible odds through determination and grit to get to and stay in college, and then get to and win the gold medal in rowing in the 1936 Olympic Games.  It’s about the Depression, evil stepmother’s, true love, Hitler and the Nazis, an amazing craftsman/mentor, grueling practices, thrilling races, and a very Northwest centric history populated by a fascinating cast of characters.  It’s a great story about real people.

Read the book before the 10th, you’ll appreciate the story even more.

William (Bill) Pickard                                            (206) 849-7039

Founding Director, George Pocock Rowing Foundation

Lake Kapowsin Trust                                  

3213 East Alder Street, Seattle, Washington 98122-6314

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