Bethel’s Visual and Performing Arts Calendar

Bethel’s Visual and Performing Arts NewsletterHolly


Vol. 25  No. 8             December 10, 2014


10 7:00pm                   Holiday Band & Orchestra Concert  CMS

7:00pm                   Winter Choir Concert  CMMS

7:00pm                   Holiday Band Concert  FMS

7:00pm                   Holiday Choir Concert  SLHS

11 2:15 & 5:30pm       Holiday Music Program (Grades 1/2 & Choir)  SM

6:30pm                   Winter Voices (4th Graders) EPSOC

       6:30pm                   Holiday Choir Concert  CMS (Guests: SLHS Choirs)

       7:00pm                   Winter Band and Orchestra Concert  SMS

       7:00pm                   Winter Band Concert  BHS (All Bands)

12 All Day                 Vivace Kids Choir Tour of Elementary Schools

       7:00pm                   5th Annual Cabaret  GKHS

14 3:00pm                   “A Vivace Christmas”  Vivace! Choral Program

Kilworth Chapel (North 18th & Warner)

15 5:00 – 7:00pm       Vivace! Shoe Stuffing Holiday Celebration  LMS

       6:30pm                   Holiday Band & Choir Concert  CP

       7:00pm                   Winter Choir Concert  BMS

7:00pm                   Holiday Orchestra Concert  FMS & GKHS at GKHS

December 16 – 23:  Hanukkah

16 5:30pm                   Music, Magic, & Marinara  Fundraiser Concert & Dinner

to benefit all of the LMS Performing Groups

       6:30pm                   Winter Choir & Orchestra (CP/CC) Concert  CC

       6:30pm                   Holiday Band, Choir, and Orchestra Concert  NS

       6:30pm                   Winter Choir and Orchestra Concert / PTA Santa Night  TE

7:00pm                   Holiday Music Program (Grades 4/5, Band, Choir, & Orchestra)  EV

7:00pm                   Little Women  CMMS Commons

17 9:30am                    Winter Music Assembly  CMMS

       5:00 – 7:00pm        Caroling at PTA Winter Wonderland  CE

6:00pm                   Choir Caroling (Graham Fire & Rescue)  NS

7:00pm                   Winter Band Concert  BMS

7:00pm                   Little Women  CMMS Commons

7:00pm                   Winter Band and Orchestra Concert  SLHS

18 9:50am                    Holiday Choir Assembly  PV

5:00 – 8:00pm        Art Mingle  Downtown Tacoma



7:00pm                   Holiday Choir Concert  PV

       7:00pm                   Holiday Band Concert  TE

       7:00pm                   Winter Choir Concert  BHS

19 Last Day of School for 2014!

7:30am                    Holiday Music Assembly  CMS

8:10am                    Music Department Assembly  BMS

10:00am                  Holiday Choir Concert  PV at Silver Creek

1:15pm                   All-School Holiday Sing-Along Assembly  EPSOC

2:15pm                   All-School Holiday Sing-Along Assembly  SE

2:15pm                   All-School Holiday Sing-Along Assembly  SM

2:45pm                   All-School Holiday Sing-Along & Choir Assembly  TE

December 22 – January 2:  WINTER BREAK


December 26 – January 1:  Kwanza

31 First Night Tacoma – Pierce County  Downtown Tacoma



  5 First Day of School for 2015!

  7 Late Arrival for Students


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