Ticketing begins in Bethel SD Feb 9 – Know your bus rules

Ticketing begins in Bethel SD  

District warns drivers to ‘know the law’

Starting Monday, Feb. 9, Bethel School District will go live with a new initiative aimed at keeping students safe.

Approximately ten district buses have been outfitted with special cameras from American Traffic Solutions that will capture drivers who pass school buses illegally. Potential violations will be reviewed by the Pierce County Sheriffs Department and $394 fines will be issued to those who break the law.

Last year, Bethel bus drivers recorded over 50 violations in just one day. So, the camera-equipped buses will be rotated from route to route to where they are most  needed in the district.

Bethel is one of the first school districts in the state to adopt the cameras for photo-enforcement of traffic laws.

Drivers who are not sure when it is okay to pass a school bus, can learn more by checking out the ‘Bethel Stops for Buses’ link on the district website, www.bethelsd.org.

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