LeMay ENews: Happy Valentines, Car Lovers!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Automotive Lovers! Hibernation is Over!

Wishing all car lovers out there a Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are passionate about cars, be sure to visit us out here at Marymount for a tour of our collection, or check out our latest events – with the weather we’re having lately, it’s time to come out of winter hibernation! …

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been having some educational and fun presentations throughout the month of February as part of our “Collection Education Month”, and we will be uploading them on our YouTube channel for you to check out. You can already see the “Horseless Carriages” presentation as well as the “Collecting, Saving, Hoarding” presentation there, and others will be posted soon.

We’ve got MORE presentations in the pipeline for the rest of February that we know you’ll want to attend! Best of all, these presentations are FREE, so bring a friend or two with you! Coffee and refreshments will be provided. You can sign up for your favorite classes and presentations online using the links below, or simply email us and let us know which ones you would like to attend, so we can save your space – some of the presentations have limited space available.

Upcoming February Presentations:

February 14: 11am – Sound of Music: Victrolas

February 18: 6pm – History of Automotive Engines

February 20: 7pm – Time to Buy, Time to Sell: Collector Car Market

February 21: 11am – Vintage Radios & Radio Room Open House

February 21: 3pm – 100 Years of Fashion: Vintage Fashion Show

February 28: 1pm – Vintage Hat Show

February 28: 3pm – LeMay Restoration Shop Open House & Q&A 

NOTE: These are free presentations, but there will be a basket at the refreshment table if you want to make a donation contribution.

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  1. tcofchin@comcast.net says:

    that’s Marianne for sending this out. And a happy Valentines day to you as well!

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