JBLM has black bears – do be cautious


By Editor Marianne  Lincoln

Last May while driving out to a favorite spot on JBLM for photography (I have a range pass), I saw a large black bear crossing 8th Avenue South. This was about 1000 feet south of the decorated tree for those who know the area. bear crossed the road from east to west. Only a few days before that, my sister, who works at Madigan also spotted one near the East Gate. The one she sighted was not as large.

Of course there are coyotes and many other assorted wild animals out there. Much of the base is wild forest land.

This year JBLM has put out a reminder to beware that there are bears around the base. Please take note.



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  1. rthurs666 says:

    Black bears can be found in every US state except Hawaii. They are common in all of King, Pierce and Thurston Counties. Bears have been sighted in Roy, Graham, Orting, Eatonville, Lakewood, Puyallup, Sumner and most unincorporated areas. One was killed by a car on Waller Road in South Hill several years ago. It’s not just JBLM that is “Bear Country.” So is all of Washington State.

    So always be cautious when you are in or near the woods anywhere in the county. And if you hear a noise in your back yard at night, don’t walk out there in your PJ’s with a baseball bat. Black bears will kill and eat you if you give them the opportunity.

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